Standard Specification

• Four plus two seats
• 72v drive System – 9 x 8v maintenance-free 150Ah battery
• AC brushless motor
• 300Amp AC controller
• Heavy-duty automatic gearbox • Disc front brakes and hydraulic rear
• Onboard TC multi-region charger • Onboard warm air blower • Custom HUMMER™floor mats • Spare wheel box with puncture repair kit • 15-inch standard HUMMER™ wheel • Automotive paint and lacquer, choice of five colours:
• Metallic Neptune blue, flat white, metallic black, flat red, competition GM yellow • DOT & E-Mark windshield and wiper system
• DOT & E-Mark R rated 195/70/15 tire • DOT & E-Mark LED lights, driving, position, rear, braking, indication and reverse • DOT & E-Mark 3-point seat belt system • Full adjustable auto spec sport seats • Bluetooth, CD/Radio, AUX, USB charging
• Standard range of 50 Miles / 80 Kilometres
• Length 4150 mm / 163 inches
• Width 1450 mm / 57 inches
• Height 1460 mm / 57 inches
• Wheelbase 3278 mm / 129 inches
• Braking distance 8ft (at 15mph)

Optional Accessories

MEV™ have built the HUMMER HX-T™ Limo with an impressive choice of features included as standard, however, to ensure that each MEV HUMMER HX-T™ Limo has its own unique appeal we offer the below optional accessories including leather interior, air conditioning, custom paint. On top of these optional accessories, the HX-T™ Limo also comes in a choice of five automotive finish colours as standard. • Lithium battery 206Ah LFP technology (100 miles / 160 kilometres) • 180Ah long-range maintenance-free VRLA battery
• High torque hill climb controller upgrade (550 AMP)
• Dual golf bag holder (removable)
• Tow Ball – Specify USA or EU Sized (removable) • Removable canvas roof • Custom removable canvas sides • Tubular powder coated safety side doors
• 15” HUMMER™ wheels in matte black • Hill climb ratio gearbox (30%)
• Air Conditioning • Heated seats
• Custom coloured paint (metallic or flat) • Custom leather dashboard • Custom coloured leather seats, (Tan or Black)
• Off-road style wheel and tire package
• Security/police roof top lights & speaker system
• Power-assisted steering


All MEV vehicles leave the factory with full Owner Manuals and safety/user instructions, if you’re using a vehicle and do not have access to these then please download them by selecting your MEV Model below: • MEV HUMMER HX
• MEV HUMMER HX-T Limo It’s very important that any person who plans on being a passenger or driver has read through the Owners Manual. Safety always comes first!

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